Intrinsic engagement and XP Design

Join Bernardo and Roman as they unite to guide you beyond the reward-driven systems of yesterday into the heart of creating deeply resonant, intrinsically motivated experiences for the digital age.

  • 6 sessions / 4-7pm CET
  • Create your individual prototype
  • Get your personal certificate

Complete design

This workshop uniquely bridges the gap between the vibrant, challenge-focused world of explicit gamification (Bernardo) and the deep, motivation-driven realm of implicit gamification (Roman).

Set up the stage

Use both sides to implement gamification techniques into your designs, creating experiences that are not only engaging but deeply resonant with users on a psychological level.

Build it

Learn the best way to improve your design from napkin to prototype and receive personalized feedback to get your project ready for your audience.

Save Your Place

Only 18 Participants per Masterclass and a maximum of 5 persons per company.

Things to know

Mastering the Art of Intrinsic Engagement for Experience Design

6 Sessions

An introduction (1 hour), four working sessions (3 hours each) and closing with a feedback / evaluation session of your prototypes (2 hours).


The workshop will run for 2 weeks.

Registration opens in August


SLACK for communication through the entire workshop.

Microsoft Teams for the streaming of sessions

TABI to keep track of your journey throughout the workshop.

Your Trusted Partner for Intrinsic Engagement

Our mission is to help you master the art of creating experience that not only engage but also inspire and fulfil users on a fundamentally human level.

Don't just take our words for it

"Puzzling and yet comprehensible. Not without reason the leading gamification experts in the world."

Steven Mc Auley

Customer Engineering Manager AI/ML @Google Cloud

"The specialists for gamification. Their vision and experience make them extremely valuable to the industry."

Nicolas Babin

LinkedIn Top Voice

The Program

Introduction session.

To be announced

Welcome to the masterclass, game rules and core information about the workshop. Resource location, presentation of the speakers and first steps towards your projects.

Session 1

The foundations of engagement

To be announced

Explicit Gamification with Bernardo: Dive into the elements of game design, focusing on the creation of engaging challenges (cool monsters) and relatable characters (friends) that drive explicit engagement.

Implicit Gamification with Roman: Explore the psychological underpinnings of human motivation, understanding how to design experiences that tap into intrinsic desires for growth, mastery, and community.

Session 2

Crafting engaging experiences

To be announced

Designing for Action with Bernardo: Learn how to create a dynamic environment where every action (punch) and interaction adds depth and excitement to the user experience.

The Science of Interaction with Roman: Delve deeper into designing interactions that not only engage but also fulfill users' intrinsic needs, encouraging long-term engagement without reliance on external rewards.

Session 3

Structuring the Journey

June 24th, 2024 | 4-7pm CET (GMT+2)

Balancing Challenges and Growth with Bernardo: Master the art of balancing explicit gamification elements with the user's journey, ensuring a continuously engaging and rewarding experience.

Designing for Intrinsic Motivation with Roman: Apply the principles of implicit gamification to structure user journeys that naturally motivate and engage users through challenges, progress, and the joy of achievement.

Session 4

Implementing and Measuring Success

To be announced

From Concept to Reality with Bernardo: Learn how to bring your gamified designs to life, ensuring they captivate and engage users from the outset, choose the best tools and get ready to launch.

Evaluating Engagement with Roman: Understand the metrics and indicators that reveal the success of combining explicit and implicit gamification strategies, focusing on long-term engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Feedback Session

Review and Iteration of your prototype

To be announced

During this session, we will provide all the participants with an individual feedback video featuring our direct review over each project. At the same time, we will give a general feedback on the most used and most effective mechanics from each proposed project and how to improve or apply them correctly.

We will discuss best practices we have seen in the market and will show some of the work from prior projects ourselves hoping to inspire you!

What we are offering

This workshop offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from two of the most experienced designers in gamification, as they unite to guide participants through the intricate dance of explicit and implicit gamification.

Join us to master the art of creating experiences that not only engage, but also inspire and fulfill users on a fundamentally human level.

your instructors

Two of the top gamification experts in the world on this hands-on training that will level up your design skills for good.

Bernardo Letayf


Created over 13,000 gamified experiences worldwide through his app and currently developing a new software to design player journeys.

Over 400 employees have gone through his different workshops in over 40 different industries and over 20 different countries.

Roman Rackwitz

CEO of Engaginglab

Roman Rackwitz is an internationally recognized figure in the field of gamification. He was named by Rise.Global as one of the top 10 experts worldwide.

Especially in the business and corporate context, he is known as the 'non-Skinnerian guy in Gamification'.

As such, he is regularly invited to appear as an expert on television, radio and in magazines.

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